Look Beyond The Horizon. Feel Inspired

The long hot and hazy days of summer 2018 have drawn to a close.  Although we are sad to see them go, September brings a time of new beginnings and inspiration.  Its back to school and the kids start a fresh new year.  Excitement and nerves are felt by everyone.  With school days comes family routines to put structure back in our lives.  Lunches need to be made, buses have to be caught, and homework must be fit in with those extracurricular activities.  Adult work lives also become more structured.  Return to regular work hours and responsibilities gear up.  With all this hustle and bustle it’s important that health and fitness scheduling take priority in your routines.  Exercise and proper nutrition help make you the best ‘You’, you can be.  You’ll feel more energetic and be able to help with your family’s needs and excel at work.  Use the endorphins and energy from exercise to fuel your inspiration to a great finish to 2018.


Dr. Geoff Smith